Why you should purchase from me

I receive many emails from my clients comparing me to other sellers from Flippa. So I decided to compile a list of things that my clients think are my strengths and set me apart from other sellers.

Please note that I am aiming to say nothing bad about other sellers and you can find the entire list of reviews about me here.


I provide full technical support (for as long as you own the website)

Working Hours

Full Time (9:00 – 18:00, Monday – Friday, with limited hours on weekends. Time zone: Kiev, UTC + 3)

Website Transfer

I provide 100% free website transfer to your web hosting


7 Years Professional Web Developer (WordPress, PHP, ReactJS). If something goes wrong, I will always be able to help.

Hidden Fees

We don't have any hidden fees. All the prices are clear described. You can check the FAQ page before ordering or placing your bids.

Site Speed

I make sure the website is lightweight and does not use any unused plugins that slow down the website nor add security risks.

Flippa SuperSeller

I have been on Flippa for 1 year. For that period of time I have received a Super Seller status as a proof of my service quality.


I have developed my own theme called KIWI, which have a lot of modifications. You get a full license to receive lifetime updates.

Website Developer

I sell websites which I personally use on daily basis for making money in the Internet. I attach my personal earnings with every site sell.

Technical Assistance

Because I work as Web Developer and created the websites myself, I can provide technical assistance if needed.

Full License

You will receive a full license for the theme, which includes a lifetime updates.

Useful Tutorials

The winner of my auction will receive a lot of useful marketing materials/tutorials which I personaly follow everyday.

*  This page is dedicated to Autoblogs that I’m selling on Flippa. The info and provided service may be different depends on the package you buy. The latest updated information is written on the auction page on Flippa.